$360.00 $599.95

The Ride Benchwarmer was a new board in the lineup last year and it returns with a banging graphic.  This genderless board is for those aspiring Jill Perkins and Reid Smiths of the world, featuring Ride's most aggressive camber, this board oozes precision and control whether bombing it down hill at high speeds or boosting it off large jumps. 

A park extraordinaire, this board is your freestyle ATV of the Ride lineup.

The Benchwarmer is cambered with a little bit of rocker in the nose and tail to take away the catchiness feel of a board with this much camber

Carbon Array 3 are carbon stringers that cross under each binding, driving power to outside your bindings which optimizes edge hold and control without stiffening the overwall flex of the board. 

Carbon Urethane Slimwalls are full length carbon urethane composite laminates that run tip to tail along the sidewall to give you optimal edge hold and energy transfer from edge to edge

Double impact plates (which are made from layered fiberglass) under each binding insert for board strength to prevent breakages when landing backseat on those large jumps or cliff drops

Sintered base is much faster than an extruded base but does take a little more maintenance with waxing.  You will know when you need to put some wax on there, when the base starts to turn white, or when for some reason your friends start beating you down the mountain

Hybrid Glass is a combination of a triax and biax fiberglass weave, offering longitudinal forgiveness for pressability and torsional stiffness for more stability

 Who is this board for?

The Ride Benchwarmer is for an intermediate to advanced park rider wanting something that can keep up with their progression. 

 We give this graphic 8/10