Rude Girls strive for all items purchased to ride within its life, and we know that manufacturer defects happen. Brands will offer an ‘x’ number of years for how long their warranties last. All warranties are ultimately decided by the manufacturer and pertain to manufacturing defects only.  Wear and tear, improper use, impact, and modified product are not covered under warranties. However, if you bring your product into the store, we will contact the brand for you and begin the warranty process for the defective product. For more information on warranties specific to your purchase, please visit the brand’s website. 


If the brand approves the warranty, they may replace the item, repair it, or issue a credit for the amount paid. If the item was not purchased from the Rude Girls Shop, the credit amount would be for the item's wholesale cost. Please be aware and understand that warranties take some time to process. The warranty process can take up to 2-6 weeks, and if over the holidays, it could take a bit longer. All shipping costs incurred during the warranty process must be covered by the customer and are non-refundable. The warranty processing is out of our control, and we appreciate your patience with this. If you have questions on updates for your warranty, please do not hesitate to contact the shop.

 If you have any manufacturing defects with ANY Rude Girls merchandise, we are happy to replace the item with no questions asked. 


If you live out of town and cannot bring the defective product into the store, the steps below are needed to be followed to begin the warranty process. 

 -Please take multiple clear photos of the problem area 

- if it is a snowboard, we will need the serial number, usually located along the heel or toe edge side of the top sheet. 

-Please Email photos, receipt, description of product, and details of the warranty issue to 

- Please include your full Name, best point of contact, and mailing address. 

-We will respond to notify that your email has been received. 


The Following Brands are to be warrantied directly through their website