$360.00 $599.95

If you’re looking for a fun, lightweight, easy snowboard to ride, look no further. The Bataleon Distortia is a jibber's dream snowboard. A true twin snowboard with a medium camber profile and 3BT Technology. Its wide centered base and uplifted contact points allow for a stable ride, great for pressing and popping, while the lifted contact points make it a catch free ride!

The Triple Base Technology (3BT) + Sidekick ™ 3BT is a positive cambered board with beveled contact points starting just outside of the insert packs that allows for a surf-like edge-to-edge transition paired with Sidekick ™ that amplifies those contact points which is the widest part of the nose and tail making a more spoon like shape for better float in powder and a catch free ride.

Bataleon's Light Core consists of 50/50 Paulownia and poplar creating a snappy yet strong core and is what makes this snowboard so lightweight.

C.S.T Central Super Tubes, is a hollow carbon tube that lies in the center of the snowboard for added snap and reduced weight. 

A Hyper Glide Sintered Base that is durable and fast. In order to keep in it the best shape make sure to wax it often.



The Bataleon Distortia is a great board for anyone who is transitioning from that beginner to intermediate stage, whether your riding style is all over the mountain or you are wanting to venture in the terrain park! Even if you are wanting to take your park game to the next level, this board would be great for you, just look at Annika Morgan and Klaudia Medlova