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New to snowboarding? Rather spend the money on your outerwear kit than your board?  Look no further than the Ride Compact.

The Ride Compact is a traditional camber snowboard with a little bit of rocker in the nose and tail and a little bit of extra surface area in the nose for those deeper days! 

Don't worry about the directional aspect of this snowboard, if you are looking to up your switch riding game, you can easily do with the Compact!  A Biax Fiberglass weave (90°/0°) allows for the board to flex like a true twin no matter which way you are riding it

 A low maintenance Extruded Base means this board will go the same speed with or without that bit of wax.

Impact plates (which are made from layered fibre glass) right under each binding insert for board strength to prevent breakages when landing backseat on large jumps or cliff drops

Ride's WMNS Performance Core is a combination of pauwlonia and aspen wood, light but also snappy and durable!

 Who is this board good for?

Anyone who is learning to snowboard but also knows they are going all in and want to commit for years to come, this board will be great to learn on but also not one you would out-grow any time soon. 

Also great for that intermediate rider who wants to upgrade from their board they got in high school and doesn't want to spend a whole bunch of money.  

All-in-all The Ride Compact is a great board for any rider wanting to venture all over their local resort!

We rate this graphic at an 8.5/10