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An easy-riding team favorite that doubles as a great beginner's board. Alert camber gives you enough rocker to surf powder and keep it forgiving, while the camber adds control and stability in chopped out terrain. This board holds its own on and off the rails. This season, Public team rider @Jibgurl4evr created a graphic completely of her own inspired by her style on and off the board. We wanted to create something that was mad cute for her to ride.

Art by Danyale Jibgurl Patterson

Sintered Base is more porous for maximum wax absorption, and more abrasion resistant. In other words, faster and more durable!

Urethane Sidewalls are used on all Public snowboards for their superior dampening properties and are also more durable against impacts to prevent your board from delaminating.

Biax Glass is used on all Public snowboards to create a smooth and consistent flex from tip to tail while allowing the board to stay nimble and predictable.

 Alert Hybrid Camber profile is regular between the feet with rocker on the tip and tail. This camber and flex allows forgiveness on rails and extra snap getting off the ground.

FLEX: 3/10




Size (cm) 147
Effective Edge (mm) 1108
Tip Width (mm) 278
Waist Width (mm) 240
Tail Width (mm) 278
Sidecut Radius (m) 7.0
Stance Range (in) 22.1
Width Regular