By K2

The K2 Lime Lite is an absolute favourite here at Rude Girls, when we talk about the Lime Lite we can't go without talking about how good Melissa Riitano makes this board look.  A perfect snowboard for that beginner to intermediate park rider, or that advanced park rider looking for a softer flexing board.  Don't let the word park scare you though!  Just because this board excels in the terrain park doesn't mean you can't ride it absolutely everywhere at the resort especially if you are new to snowboarding.  Not a single one of us here at the shop doesn't like this board. Playful, predictable, pressable and poppy, the K2 Lime Lite is a whole-lotta fun.

The K2 limelite is the their most beginner-friendly positive-camber snowboard with a little bit of rocker in the nose and tail to offer a catch free ride without compromising edge hold and control.

K2's Rhythm Core is a core specific to the women’s lineup of boards.  This core is a combination of paulownia, aspen and bamboo with is  in the nose in tail for easier pop, pressing and turn initiation.  The more you can lean into that tail the more height you can get out of your ollies, the easier it is to lock into your nose and tail the more you can tweak those boardslides or spin those butters, the quicker you turn the easier tree runs are! 

The Lime lite has a low maintenance extruded base.  Because extruded bases are not porous they do not retain wax the way sintered bases do, meaning you don't have to wax them as often, if at all.  Extruded bases are less expensive than sintered to manufacture, more money in the pocket never hurt anyone.