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By K2

Supportive, customizable, and responsive, the K2 Hue is the ultimate high-performance women's snowboard binding and seeks to accompany you anywhere your snowboarding takes you.

Featuring our customizable TriPod™ Chassis, Hue's lateral and medial flex can be customized and fine-tuned by swapping the interchangeable urethane damping pods, and Lock Block is included with the binding. This allows the ultimate personal preference when pressure is applied to the board while pressing, carving, or powering down the mountain.

Underfoot, 3º of inward canting is built into binding to complement the user's natural athletic stance and put you in a more balanced position, helping to maneuver through any terrain. This is topped with an EVA footbed, helping to reduce vibration underfoot - allowing for a quieter feel when it gets choppy.

The AT Nylon highback features our Gap Eraser™ forward lean adjustment, reducing the binding weight while enabling you to fine-tune the heel edge response.

The 3D neoprene padded ankle strap comfortably holds you securely in the binding, and our PerfectFit™ 2.0 toe strap hinges, so it perfectly fits the toe box of any snowboard boot on the market. Aluminum ratchets are nearly bombproof and feature our EZ Feed design for hassle-free strapping in, and once mounted to your board, the whole binding can be adjusted on the fly by hand, thanks to our tool-less design.


TriPod™ Chassis:

A way to rethink the traditional binding baseplate design. Designed to act as the most biomechanically efficient chassis possible, the TriPod™ baseplate features power transmission pods that coincide with the three points of contact of the foot and is designed to flex the way that the foot is naturally meant to.

GF Nylon Performance Chassis Material:

Injected nylon with integrated fiberglass makes for more response and performance-focused chassis.

All-Terrain Nylon Highback:

The most stable temperature-resistant highback shapes make every K2 binding model perform best for its designed purpose, available in Nylon and Polycarbonate materials.

3D Neoprene Ankle Strap:

3D-formed Neoprene makes this ankle strap comfortable and vibration dampening.

Perfect Fit™ 2.0 Toe Strap:

Patented toe strap technology that uses flexible hinges and lock levers to custom fit the toe strap to any snowboard boot silhouette.

3° Canted Footbed:

Canted 3° to match your natural leg position during riding. More support to the outside of the foot provides improved control while reducing fatigue.

Tuneable Tripod Contact Pods:

Interchangeable urethane pods on the base of the binding to customize the lateral mobility and feel to your exact liking

Heel Lockblock:

Reduce the amount of "roll" out of the heel on your TriPod™ chassis by replacing the heel pod with a more expansive, higher-durometer urethane pad.

Gap Eraser™ Forward Lean:

Gap Eraser™ technology completely eliminates all gapping between the boot, highback, and heel cup, creating an even stronger bond between you and your snowboard. Better contact means better response.

100% Tool-less Adjustments:

Once mounted to your board, all strap and highback adjustments can be done on-the-fly without the need for screwdrivers or other tools.

Aluminum Ratchet:

Aircraft-grade aluminum is used to make the most bombproof ratchets on the market.

Integrated EZ Feed Housing:

A wider, tapered ladder opening allows for the easiest of entry.

Mini Mount Disc:

Compatible with our TriPod™ Chassis, the mini disc takes up a smaller footprint when mounted, allows for uninhibited board flex, and fits with 4 hole, 3 hole, and channel mounts. 


Snowboard Binding Size Chart

(11-1) (29 - 33.5)
(2-5) (3-6) (2-5) (33-36) (33-36) (34 - 38)
(5-9) (6-10) (36 - 40.5) (36 - 41.5)
(8-12) (9+) (40.5 - 44.5)
(11-15) (44.5 - 50)