$375.99 $469.99
By K2

The K2 Dreamsicle is what dreams are made of for beginner boarders out there!  If you are wanting a board that you will not outgrow within your first year of snowboarding, then look no further.  The Dreamsicle does it all, easy to learn on but will challenge your progression once you know how to link your turns.  Not new to snowboarding but wanting to get back into it after a long hiatus? Again, the Dreamsicle is the board for you

K2's directional rocker profile is flat camber until outside of the bindings and then a gradual rocker in the nose and tail.  This allows for comfortable edge hold to give you the confidence you need in order to go faster, but is forgiving enough so it doesn't feel like too much board when first learning how to snowboard. Longer nose than tail and a set back stance allow for easier float in deeper snow!

The Dreamsicle has a low maintenance extruded base.  Because extruded bases are not porous they do not retain wax the way sintered bases do, meaning you don't have to wax them as often, if at all.  Extruded bases are less expensive than sintered to manufacture, more money in the pocket never hurt anyone.

K2's ICG 10 stands for integrated carbon glass. 10 carbon stringers that run linear (tip to tail, 5 on each side of the binding inserts).  For every carbon stringer there is, a piece of fiberglass is lasered out to help reduce the overall weight of the board.  ICG 10 allows for more pop, snap and stability without affecting the overall flex of the board.

 Who is this board for?

The K2 Dreamsicle is for anyone wanting to learn how to snowboard with the ambition of progressing and sticking to it.  Recommended for that rider who will get to go 10+ days a season.  There is a ton of technology in the Dreamsicle for this price and for that you cannot go wrong!