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Sun-soaked spring days. Crisp blue skies and bits of cold slush hitting your arms as you spray down groomers in a t-shirt and sunnies. Early grey midwinter mornings, riding the first chair as first light breaks on untouched snow below your boots. The K2 Dreamsicle Snowboard is your gateway to all of these experiences. This sweet flexing board is so smooth and easy to ride it'll make snowboarding a dream.

Rocker Type

Directional Rocker Profile – An all-purpose profile designed to the be perfect companion for the all-terrain snowboarder. Directional Rocker Baseline™ has a medium- rise in the tip and a lower rise in the tail, allowing for effortless turns on hardpack and ample float in soft snow and crud.


Flex Rating – 4 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Directional Twin


Rhythm Core – Uniquely shaped and designed to complement the mechanics, geometry, and riding style of female snowboarders.


ICG 10 Biaxial Glass – Integrating tip-to-tail carbon fiber stringers into fiberglass layups ensures a smooth power release in and out of turns while increasing pop, liveliness, and longevity of the snowboard without adding unnecessary rigidity.


Extruded 2000 Base – Extruded 2000 base delivers a consistent glide and is easy to maintain and repair.