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This is the kind of board that you hop on and all you want to do next is give the cold shoulder to your responsibilities and go shred every day. The K2 Cold Shoulder Snowboard is made with a mid-soft flex and a directional combo-camber, meaning it's set up as an ideal all-mountain board. There's no barrier of entry here, just get this puppy on your feet and start making some turns and you're going to have a good time no matter who you are or what terrain you're riding.

Rocker Type

Directional Combination Camber – The best of both worlds. By blending both traditional Camber and Rocker profiles, Combination Camber gives you all the benefits of both; the pop and precision of camber, and the float and predictability of rocker.

Tweakened™ – Rocker is extended all the way out to the absolute ends of the board, unlocking new ride-able surface area for a bigger, more stable platform to press, float, and land on


Flex Rating – 5 (1 Soft - 10 Stiff)


Tapered Directional


Rhythm Core – Uniquely shaped and designed to complement the mechanics, geometry, and riding style of female snowboarders.


ICG 10 Biaxial Glass – Integrating tip-to-tail carbon fiber stringers into fiberglass layups ensures a smooth power release in and out of turns while increasing pop, liveliness, and longevity of the snowboard without adding unnecessary rigidity.


Sintered 4000 Base – Sintered 4000 base absorbs wax deep into the material for relentless glide and unrivaled durability.


Sarah Vanderzweep (@SarahVDZ)with a noselide up and over the rainbow

Alex Salvatore (alex__saladore) with a frontlip on some benches