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The economy, right? Can't live with it, can't live without it. All those numbers going up and down just gets you stoked out of your mind to start the new day. No? It's okay, us neither. If your idea of speculation involves wondering how sick its going to be next season, and you think IPO maybe stands for Initial Powder-day Opening, allow us to introduce you to your new broker. The Burton Day Trader Snowboard might not know a blue chip stock from a blue corn Tostito, but lay it over in some fluffy stuff and you'll see it's all about business. This smooth turning freeride stick floats higher than a bull market, and turns quicker than a short sale on the hardpack.


Twin Flex – The flex is perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a balanced ride that's equally versatile regular or switch./ Personality – Medium


Directional – The classic snowboard shape, designed to be ridden with a slightly longer nose than tail to concentrate pop in the tail while still giving you plenty of float, flow, and control to rip any terrain or condition.