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The word "yes" is one of the most powerful tools in the world. What started out as a simple agreement to go along with some friends on a weekend ski trip has turned into your favorite hobby, and every time you keep saying yes to the steeper runs, and the bigger challenges, the deeper your love for the snow becomes. The Burton Yeasayer Snowboard encompasses that positive, down-for-anything attitude in a mellow all-mountain board that's up for the task no matter where you point it. It's not some crazy, demanding deck that requires full throttle charging every time you step on it, but anywhere you ask it to go, and anything you ask it to do, the answer is always a cheery and resolute "Heck yeah!"

Rocker Type

Flat Top™ – A flat profile between the feet means stability, better balance, and continuous edge control. The tip and tail kick up with an early rise outside the feet for the catch-free and loose feeling you'd expect from a rocker profile.


Twin Flex – The flex is perfectly symmetrical from tip to tail for a balanced ride that's equally versatile regular or switch./ Personality – Playful - Medium


Twin – Perfectly symmetrical for a balanced ride that's equally versatile regular or switch. Jib, spin, stomp, and butter with a greater balance of freestyle mobility and cat-like stability no matter which way you point it.